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Request a Letter

22 May
Request a Letter

Earlier this year I wrote about how I wanted to write more letters in 2016. I’ve started off well, as after writing that post, it was read by Caoimhe, saying we should write to each other. Now I have a penpal for the first time in years, and it’s brilliant! I’ve loved getting to know Caoimhe better, and discovering just how much we have in common. I’m really grateful for our friendship!

But I’ve not been writing as many letters this year as I hoped, and I really want to write more. Because of this I thought I would try something. I’ve been inspired by Gemma Stone‘s 10,000 Love Letters Project and a post on Penpal of the Week, where Julie offers to write 36 letters to whoever wants them. So I thought I would do the same.

Would you like me to write you a letter?

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A Year For Writing Letters

5 Jan
A Year for Writing Letters

It’s 2016, and a lot of people are making New Year’s Resolutions, to finally start something they’ve always wanted to, or to give up bad habits. It’s not exactly a resolution, but I’ve decided I want to write more letters.

When I was younger, I collected stamps. Well, I still do, but it’s less frequest that I sit down with my album and add the stamps I’ve collected (Shh, stamps are like minature pieces of art). As a young teenager, I was a member of the now defunct Royal Mail Children’s The Collectors Club. The Collector’s Club had a penpal scheme, through which I formed a friendship that lasted into my early twenties, and discovered a love of handwritten letters. Continue reading