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On Children & Body Image

11 May
On Children & Body Image

I was at a barbeque at the weekend, and got talking with my cousin. We were talking about various things, and body image came up.

“Look at my fat thumbs!” She said. “My friends are always teasing me about my fat thumbs,” she laughed. There is nothing wrong with her thumbs. Her thumbs are fine.

Later on, she moved on to leg hair grooming. “I used wax strips. You should use an epilator or wax, because shaving makes the hair grow back thicker and longer, like a beard,” she informed me. “I hate my gorilla legs!” she added.

My cousin is 11-years-old. Continue reading


A Woman’s Body

3 Sep
A Woman's Body

A woman’s body is her own.

With her body, she can do what she likes, when she likes, with who she likes, as often as she likes, however she likes.

When/how/with whom (etc) she wants to sex, and when/how/with whom (etc) she doesn’t. She has the right to say “Yes”, and she has the right to say “No”.

Whether she chooses to have children, whether she chooses not to, and whether she choses to have an abortion.

Whether she chooses to have tattoos, body piercings or other body modifications.

Whether she chooses to have plastic surgery, whatever various kind, however many times.

How much she does or doesn’t choose to consume. This applies to diet, dieting, and alcohol consumption.

How she chooses wears her hair, how short a skirt or how low a top she chooses to wear.

No-one has the right to comment or judge on the decisions a woman makes in regards to her own body. No-one has the right to attempt to take control of a woman’s body.

A woman’s body is not public property. A woman’s body is her own.

Have I left anything out? Please add to this in the comments.

N.B. The only time someone gets to say anything about a woman’s decisions regarding what she does to her body is when she is breaking a law or endangering her health, and even then, I think the people involved need to be careful.

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