Jo’s Scribbles Has Moved!

11 Jul

I’ve been having problems with WordPress for a while now. I can’t afford to self-host, and the free version is very limited.

I’m used to having a lot more control, with Once Upon a Bookcase being on Blogger, and it’s been difficult not being able to do what I want with Jo’s Scribbles. So I have decided to move to Blogger.

Yesterday I spent the whole day transferring all my posts, and can now finally use the domain name I bought a couple of months back. All new posts from now on will be published over at

Those of you who already follow me on Bloglovin’, you have nothing to do. I will oon be transferring my Bloglovin’ followers for this  URL to that of the new one. However, if you follow my blog through WordPress or by email, and would still like to follow me, please consider following me on Bloglovin’.

I won’t be deleting this account this blog just yet, however. While I was in the middle of transferring my posts yesterday, I was told by a fellow blogger than she had voted for Jo’s Scribbles in the Bloggers Blog Awards (if you haven’t yet, do go and vote for your favourites! There are actual prizes, and it’s just a lovely way to show your appreciation), but she would have used the URL for this blog. I know it’s unlikely that Jo’s Scribbles will win, but it feels really rude to delete this blog – which will be visited for consideration – when someone took the time to vote. So this WordPress blog will stay up for now. But as I said, all new blog posts will be found at

I hope you like the blog’s new home! I’m already really happy with it; I think it looks great, and I’m loving having the control to make it look how I want.

Thank you for reading Jo’s Scribbles here on WordPress. I hope you’ll continue to do so over on Blogger.




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