Blog Reading: Must-Read Writers – Part 1

5 Apr
Blog Readin: Must Read Writers - Part 1

Over the past several months, as I’ve been learning more about blogging and the kind of writer I want to be, I’ve come across a number of blogs and websites that have helped me figure things out. I’ve come to be avid readers and huge fans of these lovely people, and so I thought I would share the love. I’ve started following quite a number of must-read and hugely inspiring writers, so this is likely to be the first in a series of posts.

Must-Read Writers – Part 1

Almost Amazing Grace

This wonderful blog is run by the incredibly inspiring Gracie Latter, who I’m now lucky enough to call a friend. I’ve mentioned Gracie before, but I raved more about her as a person (for good bloody reason) than about her blog. Gracie writes fantastic posts with insights into her life, whether it’s about the books she’s reading, cafes and coffee shops she would recommend, or the health issues that came with having a brain tumour. Gracie also writes really powerful pieces on topics such as mental health and sexuality. As well as writing for her own blog, she also contributes to a number of other sites (The Olive Fox, Zusterschap, and Oh No, Not Another Blogger), and it’s mostly through her that I’ve discovered the other wonderful writers I now follow. Whether she’s writing about the every day or the serious, I find Gracie’s writing compulsive reading, and I find her honesty (I.E. regarding how she feels about the way her brain tumour affected her life) refreshing as well as awe-inspiring.

My favourite posts:

Follow Gracie:

Cattitude & Co

I first discovered Tara Costello’s blog when reading on Zusterschap – the site she co-founded – about how she and Fiona Longmuir protested against Protein World’s “Are You Beach Body Ready?” adverts, having their photo of the two of them posing by one of the posters in their bikinis go viral. Despite the fact their protest happened almost a year ago, I was so inspired by the two ladies for doing something so incredible! Once I found out Tara had her own blog, I was hooked. Cattitude & Co is a very feminist orientated lifestyle blog, and Tara writes wonderfully about topics such as period positivity and sex positivity, and runs a Feminist Film Club and a Feminist Book Club both of which I highly recommend checking out. Tara is inspiring as a writer, but also as a feminist, and I find her blog as educational as I do entertaining.

My favourite posts:

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The Escapologist’s Daughter

Of course, after reading about their “Are you beach body ready?” protest, I had to have a read of Fiona Longmuir’s blog as well as Tara’s. Fiona is another lifestyle blogger, who has a wonderful writing voice. Although writing about her life, Fiona’s posts feel like short stories, they’re so beautifully written (as you can tell from Snowflakes That Stay on My Nose, a post about her holiday in Norway). Fiona writes about travel, The Happiness Project, in which she tries to “live a happier life by relishing in the little moments of joy”, posting monthly recaps on those moments of joy, and general insights into her life. (She’s also a fellow redhead, and has enviable gorgeous hair. Not that it really matters, but it just had to be said.) Fiona’s blog is just pretty happy-making.

My favourite posts:

Follow Fiona:

Do you follow Gracie, Tara or Fiona? Who are some of your favourite writers? Who else’s blog should I be following?

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